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NOTE: If you would like a league, please contact us through support@start.gg or the blue chat bubble on the site. Leagues are an advanced feature intended for experienced users. Once our support team has given you league permissions, you can make a league at start.gg/create/league

What is a league?

Leagues on start.gg are a way of connecting multiple tournaments together on one page. In contrast to hubs, league pages typically consist of a defined season and qualifiers leading into a final event.

Running a league encourages players to enter more events and builds a stronger narrative around the series as a whole. Leagues can award points to players and teams through Standings, allowing players to track their progress throughout the season.

Here are some examples of existing and successful leagues:

NOTE: Leagues are NOT able to automatically award points based on anything other than standings in an event (1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.) such as games won, kills in a game, etc. You can still add extra points via Point Adjustments, but this is done manually. Leagues are NOT a scoring system for an individual event, but rather a way to track standings across multiple events.

Typical League Structure

League pages on start.gg support the following:

  • Centralized league page so attendees and spectators only need a single page for all things related to your league. League pages can be fully customized using the same widget system and banner images as tournament pages.

  • Online and offline event support for both individual player and team leagues.

  • Schedule page allowing your attendees to track and sign up for all upcoming events

  • Standings page to automatically track points with custom point structures. Points are awarded to players or teams based on standings (1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.) from linked events. Standings can even award points to individual players based on their placement in team events, useful for leagues where players frequently change teams. Standings can be disabled if you don't want them for your league.


A "Subleague" is a league within a league, allowing you to have multiple, separate standings on the same page. Subleagues are typically used to track standings for multiple games, events, or regions. Your standings and events will be attached to the subleagues on the admin-side, while players are still directed to viewing the main or "parent" league.

  • Subleagues are required if you want standings for multiple games, but you can still have multiple games without subleagues if you don't intend on using standings. You can ask the Start.gg Support team to disable standings if you want your league to have multiple games without subleagues.

  • While subleagues are intended to mostly be invisible to players, there are still ways to navigate to a subleague's details page. It's recommended to still put some information on the subleague's details page so the page isn't left empty. For an example, check out the Smash World Tour parent league and the SWT Ultimate and SWT Melee subleagues.

NOTE: Subleagues can only be enabled by the Start.gg Support team. Please reach out if you'd like to use them!

Event Setup

The Event Setup page allows you to add events to your league and assign Point Groups to those events. You can also Export Standings to a .csv file via the red button on the top right.

Press on Link Event to add your tournament, select the event, and assign a point group. You must be an admin of the event you are trying to add, and the event must match the game and event type (1v1 vs teams) of the league.

You can still change an event's point group after it's added. If your league does not require standings, you can just create an empty point group to assign to events.

Point Groups

Point Groups determine how many points are assigned to players based on their event placements. Each placement of an event (1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.) can be assigned points to reward players for their performance. You can create multiple point groups to accommodate different event sizes such as majors, regionals, locals, etc.

Point values must be in the following format. If you are given an error, please check for extra characters in the field such as spaces. Default is the amount of points given to any placement below the ones you've specified.

Double Elimination

Single Elimination

1: 0

2: 0

3: 0

4: 0

5-6: 0

7-8: 0

9-12: 0

13-16: 0

17-24: 0

25-32: 0

33-48: 0

49-64: 0

65-96: 0

97-128: 0

129-192: 0

193-256: 0

257-384: 0

default: 0

1: 0

2: 0

3: 0

4: 0

5-8: 0

9-16: 0

17-31: 0

33-63: 0

65-127: 0

129-255: 0

257-511: 0

default: 0

Point Adjustments

Point Adjustments allow you to change points on an individual player or team basis. This allows you to manually award extra points for reasons other than placements, or adjust for moderation issues.

Point adjustments are shown publicly on the league's standings and are given a description to provide context. Adjustments must be attached to a specific event.

Points can show as Unverified when a player's attendance in an event isn't verified, such as when an organizer manually adds a player to their event. You can control this with the "Require entrants to verify their attendance in each event to receive points" toggle during league creation. If you'd like to change this after your league is created, please contact Start.gg Support.

Team to Player Standings

Organizing for teams events where players frequently change teams? You can also track individual player points rather than team points using our Team to Player setup. This allows players to swap teams between events and still track their progress throughout the league. See the Pokémon UNITE Championship Series for an example.

Alternates in teams events will be given 0 points for that event. If you'd like to give an alternate points, you can do so via point adjustments.

To create a Team to Player leaderboard, simply select "Singles" when creating your league and then link a teams event in the Event Setup tab. Note that the "Singles" vs "Teams" toggle cannot be changed after a league is made.

If you'd like to track both team and player standings, you can use subleagues to separate the two. Just create one subleague with "Singles" and one with "Teams" selected and then link your events to both subleagues.

Event Request Leagues

Event Request Leagues are a more advanced form of leagues that allow other organizers to request to have their event in your league. Event request leagues can require a set number of attendees in order to be eligible. Eligible events are then sent an email and start.gg notification to apply on the league page.

Examples of event request leagues include Smash World Tour, TEKKEN World Tour, and Shiny League. If you'd like to host an event request league, please reach out to our support team. For more info, you can view our article on Event Requests.

If you have any further questions about leagues or would like to set one up, feel free to email us at support@start.gg!

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