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NOTE: At this time, we're revising our internal league process. During this period we must put leagues into a closed beta until we have improved tooling around this feature, thus restricting the usage of it. If you would like a league, please contact us through support@start.gg or the blue chat bubble on the site. We will get to your submission as soon as possible.

What is a league?

Leagues on start.gg typically consist of qualifiers leading into a final event, where players are invited to the finals based on points or placings from qualifiers. 

Running a league instead of a standalone event encourages players to enter more events and builds a stronger narrative around the series as a whole.

Typical League Structure

League pages on start.gg support the following:

  • Centralized league pages. Attendees and spectators now only need a single page for all things related to your league

  • Online and offline event support for both individual and team leagues

  • Schedule page allowing your attendees to track and sign up for all upcoming qualifiers

  • Standings page that automatically tracks qualifier points with custom point structures. Points are awarded to players based on standings in linked tournaments

  • Multiple tournaments leading into a finale

  • Regional / "Sub-league" Support: Sub-leagues are used when you need to separate standings in some way. Typically, this is used for league pages tracking standings for multiple games or events (1v1 and 2v2 sub-leagues). Standings by region is also common.
    However, this separation is not done automatically; if you have tournaments that allow for players from multiple regions to participate, you will need to run separate tournaments for each region

Here are some examples of existing & successful leagues:

What is NOT a league?

Listed below are common examples of situations that don’t work with the current state this feature is in. If you are unsure about whether your tournament warrants a league page vs. a tournament page, please email us at support@start.gg and we can help!

Common leagues requested that are not supported:

  • Anything similar to Premier League/Major League soccer, the NFL, etc.

  • Season-long leagues where just a few sets are played over a long period of time

  • Leagues with points given based on performance

  • Leagues with points given after each individual set

Getting Started

Listed below is the information we will need to get your league started (anything bold is required):

  • League name

  • Profile (at least 280x280) and banner image (at least 1600x800)

  • Beginning Date

  • End Date

  • Main header and description

  • Trailer or image for the details section

  • Sub headers and descriptors (450 characters max each) - can have up to 3 of these, and can include social media buttons

  • Point structure - point assignment per placing (100 for 1st, 70 for 2nd, etc.), if there are different point assignments for different events

Once your league has been approved, please make sure to create the tournament pages you would like to have linked to your league.

You can customize the look of your league page once it has been approved. Refer to this article for more info on managing your league page.

If you have any further questions about leagues, or if you would like to set one up, feel free to email us at support@start.gg!

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