When you add a player to your tournament, a request will be sent to that player to confirm their attendance. To view the status of these requests, go to the Requests page for that tournament.

Here, you can view the status of the requests sent from your tournament and relevant info including:

  • Which admin added the attendee (sending the request)

  • When the request was sent

  • Information about the player and which passes/events they were added with

  • The paid/unpaid status entered when adding the attendee

You can also see the status for players you added on the Attendees table:

  • Players who registered themselves, or confirmed a request after an admin added them, are shown as ‘Verified’

  • Players who were added by an admin and have not responded to the request sent to them, are shown as ‘Pending’

  • Players who do not have accounts, or players who were added by an admin and rejected the request sent to them, show as ‘Anonymous’. 

If you believe any reject responses were in error, please check with the player in question, and then re-send the request if they agree. If you added an incorrect player who rejected the request, and you need to swap that player out with another, please Update the Invitation to send a request to the correct player!

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