Tournament Banner Image Requirements

Image requirements and ideal dimensions for the banner on tournament pages.

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Image Requirements

  • JPEG (.jpg/.jpeg) or PNG (.png) format

  • Minimum dimensions: 1600x800

  • Maximum dimensions: 4800x2400

  • Max file size: 4mb

Recommended Tournament Banner Size

The recommended tournament banner size is 2560x1280. This is to ensure that the image is large and clear on all screen sizes.

You may upload a larger image, however it’s recommended to use a height to width ratio of 2:1.

If you need to reduce your image's file size, we recommend utilizing image compressing software or using a 3rd party website to compress the image.

Safe Zone

For a tournament banner size of 2560x1280, the green area in the image below depicts the safe zone. The safe zone is the area that is guaranteed to be visible on all devices and screen sizes. It’s best to put all important details within this zone, such as tournament name, dates, location, logos. Shine 2018 is a great example of a banner image that puts all of its important content inside of the safe zone.

Visible Area for most common screen sizes

The images below depict the visible area for specific screen sizes (from smallest to largest), based on the upload size of 2560x1280. The red zone depicts the visible area of the banner image when the sidebar is opened.

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