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Learn how to add a unique touch to your tournament homepage!

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You can now customize your tournament details using widgets! Aside from editing markdown, there's all sorts of adjustments you can make to personalize your widgets and make your tournament homepage truly unique.

Background Colors

One customization option is to add background colors to sections. You can keep each section the same, or change it up and a different background color to each section.

To set a background color:

  1. Click the Edit Page button in the bottom left hand corner of your home page

  2. Click Edit Section on the section of your choice.

3. In the editing window, switch from Widgets to Display. Here, you'll see a few pre-loaded colors. You also have the option to set a hex value for whatever color you want! The color of the text in the section will change based on the background color for the best visibility.

You also have the option to set a background color just for the text area! To do this:

  • Click on Edit Markdown instead of Edit Section.

  • Switch to the Display tab to see the background settings.

Don't forget to click Save & Exit to apply your changes.

Background Images

Looking for a bit more excitement beyond a solid background color? You also have the option to add a background image! 

  • Click on Edit Page

  • Then Edit Section on the section you want to set a background image for

  • Then switch to Display

Drag & Drop your image into the editing window (or, click browse to browse through your files).

You'll then have the option to choose have your image appears:
-Stretch, which will stretch the image to fill the whole section
-Fit, which will fit the image to the section even if it leaves empty space
-Tile, which will display your image in a tiled pattern

Be sure to save/apply your changes once you're done.

Moving Widgets

You can drag and drop widgets to place them in whatever order you'd like.

In order to move widgets/sections:

  • Click Edit Page in the bottom right hand corner of your page, then Edit Layout.

  • Click the icon that looks like six dots in a rectangle in the upper left hand corner of a section in the editing window. Drag the section above or below the other sections to relocate it.

The only sections you won't be able to move are the attendee registration sections, as these are locked at the top of the home page. 

Once every section is in the perfect spot, be sure to save your changes!

Collapsible Cards

You now have the ability to make sections collapsible if you want to prevent extra clutter!

To change a section/widget into one that can be collapsed:

  • Click Edit Page in the bottom right hand corner of the site

  • Click Edit Markdown for the section you want to collapse

  • Switch from Settings to Display in the editing window. 

Select one of the four layout options. These are:

  1. Regular markdown

  2. Collapsible markdown

  3. Markdown on a card background

  4. Collapsible markdown on a card background

It also helps to add a title to the widget if you'll be making is collapsible so people know what the widget contains.

And of course, be sure to save your changes once you've selected the desired layout!

We can't wait to see all the awesome tournament homepage layouts our users create with these new customization tools!

If you have any additional questions about widgets and how to use them, please contact via email.

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