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How to run a ladder event
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Please read this article to learn how to set up a ladder before choosing to run one.

What are ladders?

Ladders are a live matchmaking experience that allow players at an event to continuously queue against new opponents, similar to how open matchmaking commonly works for online games.

  • Players click a button on their phone (or other device) to queue up and find a match

  • Players report their match, earn points, and queue again

  • Players obtain different ranks based on points earned

Match Management/Reporting

1. Report results in the Match Dashboard. This is where all the matches will appear.

2. Matches will appear in the match display as one of the following:

3. Assign a station as follows:

Select the TV icon when hovering over a match to assign an available station to the two confirmed participants. They cannot view the station until you have assigned it via the Match Dashboard.

To add stations for the event, you can go to Stations & Streams in the Tournament Settings (more info on adding stations here and assigning stations here).

The number of stations that can be assigned at once can be edited via Matchmaking Settings under Brackets in the Tournament Settings.

4. Report a match as follows:

Once a match has an assigned station, it can be quick reported by clicking on the lightning icon. Matches can also be reported normally by clicking "Edit Match" and entering scores in the pop-up modal.

Once a match is reported, it will remove itself from the display of the Match Dashboard unless Completed Matches is specifically viewed.

As soon as a match has been reported, both players are free to queue up for the ladder again.

In Person Event Best Practices

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