Adding Streams and Creating Stations
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In this article, we’ll show you how to add a stream, create stations and station groups, assign your stream to a station, and assign stations and station groups to pools.

We've revamped our "Waves & Stations" tab in the Tournament Admin to become "Stations & Streams". Now, an organizer can work with managing their streams and stations all in one place. “Waves” can now be found in a tab called “Schedule”. You may read up about this here.

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Adding a Stream

When adding your stream, find the "Streams" section of the “Stations & Streams” tab and select "Add Stream" from the middle:

Once clicked, a modal will pop up, prompting you to enter in the appropriate stream information:

Choose a streaming site and enter your channel name, or "handle". Remember, you just need to enter your handle, not the full URL of your stream.

You can also check the box next to Block player reporting in order to disable tasks for any matches that you assign to this stream. Enabling this setting will prevent the players from checking in, choosing characters, reporting scores, etc. and will disable automatic DQ timers. This helps to ensure that the match does not play out before you're able to stream it.

When all of your settings are configured, click Save!

Once done, your stream will appear at the top of the page, and you'll have the ability to add additional ones as well:

Creating Stations

Adding a station is as easy as adding a stream. Much the same way, go to the "Stations" section of the page and select "Create Station" from the right-hand side:

When creating stations, there are many different options you can choose from to customize for your event. You can select to either add stations, or add station groups.

Station groups are a new feature, where you can group specific sets of stations making it easier to manipulate them. They can be assigned at the event level, the phase level, and pools. Previously, we only included the ability to create stations that were standalone. An example is listed below ("Smash 4" as the game and "Bracket" as the phase):



Adding a Stream to a Station

Streams do not have to be assigned to stations to be used, but for live events, where the two are typically paired, you can now easily connect the two.

In order to do so, simply click on the dropdown to the far right of your specific station. Here, you can select "Assign Stream":

When clicked, you can select from your stream menu which stream you'd like for that specific station. You can go back and change the stream at any time:

Combining Stations Into Groups

An additional feature we’ve added is the ability to combine ungrouped stations into groups. Meaning, you can create standalone stations and then move them into a group. First select your target stations, then click “Move”. Then, you’ll be prompted to select which group to add your stations to:

Assigning Stations and Station Groups to Pools

Assigning a station or station group to pools can be invaluable to an organizer, as you’re then able to quickly assign those stations/station groups to pools in bulk.

To assign pools to stations and station groups, you can do so from the "Pools & Seeding" page. When in the “Pools & Seeding” tab, click on the cog (gear icon) to the far, upper-right corner. Once clicked, a modal will open and you can choose between selecting a station group or station:


When done, you'll see that your pools now have stations!

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For more information about how to manually assign or auto-assign your stations, click here. If you have any additional questions or concerns, email us at

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