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Assigning Stations
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Once you've created your stations and added your streams (which, you can find out how to do here), you can then choose how you'd like to assign your stations.

We've given organizers the ability to choose from having them done manually, or automatically. This article covers how to assign your stations manually via the bracket and match dashboard, as well as how auto-assign works and how it’s enabled.

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Manually Assigning Stations

Assigning Stations to Matches from the Bracket and Match Modal

This can be done by hovering over the target match from both the “Bracket” and “Match Dashboard” pages. Click on the "TV" icon on a match. Then, select the station you'd like to add. Once you've chosen a station, click "Save Station":

You can also assign a stream by clicking "Edit Match" and then "Station" or "Stream" within the match modal.

Auto-Assigning Stations

Auto-assigning stations reduces the workload of an organizer and auto-assigns stations in a way that is conducive to running a bracket in the most efficient way possible. Manually assigning stations can be viewed as a tedious task, but now, it's easier than ever. Less clicks means less time!

This can be enabled via the main "Stations & Streams" page, and can be started via the "Brackets" and "Match Dashboard" page. Any stations with a stream are ineligible for auto-assign and need to be manually assigned.

It should be noted that currently, our auto-assigning feature is in beta, and only available for Swiss.

Starting Your Auto-Assign
Auto-assigned matches are enabled via the "Bracket" page, and can be found in the upper right-hand corner. When clicked, a modal will pop up with a few options:


"Assign Matches to Available Stations" will only assign all available stations to a match once. This can be particularly useful for the organizer that wants a lot of control over there event.

"Continuously Assign" will assign stations to matches until there are no other matches available, the tournament has ended, or you turn auto-assign off.

“Also Call Matches” will then start all matches when auto-assigned. This is particularly useful since the bracket will start and then players will have their matches called.

You’ll need to refresh the page once you’ve entered these settings.

Enabling or Disabling Auto-Assign
When you've created your station or station group, your station automatically has auto-assign enabled. By clicking on the dropdown on the far right-hand side of the screen, you can disable or re-enable it:

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