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Using Waves in the “Scheduling” Tab
Using Waves in the “Scheduling” Tab
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In this article, you’ll be learning about what waves are, how they can help your event, and how you can assign them to pools.

Waves are blocks of time used for scheduling your tournament. There are two benefits of using waves:

  • Using waves will help you avoid scheduling conflicts for players.  Once you have all of your pools assigned to a wave, the conflicts tab will point out players scheduled for more than one event during a time slot.  Here is a visual example of how waves might be set up:

Notice that everything in the 10:00am to 11:00am time slot is Wave A, everything in the 12:00pm to 1:00pm time slot is Wave B, etc. 

  • Setting a start and end time for each wave will allow attendees to look up their wave time so they know when to be ready to play.  They can do this by searching for themselves on the public Attendees tab, towards the bottom of the Manage Registration page.  

  • Waves are global, meaning they apply to all events across the tournament.

  • Use letters for naming waves (Wave A, Wave B, etc.)

Assigning a Pool to a Wave

Once your waves are set up, adding different pools to your waves is an easy process. Once set, spectators and players will be able to see the scheduled time for this pool on both the event page and their Manage Registration page. Here’s how to Assign a Pool to a Wave:

  • From the ‘Pools and Seeding’ page select the event and pools you would like to assign to waves.

  • Once you’re looking at the correct pool(s) click the gear in the upper right corner of the pool.

  • Clicking the gear will bring up a modal in which you can assign a pool to a wave. This modal can also be used to assign a station or station group to a pool.

  • You can check the wave assignment by looking at the header of the individual pools on the ‘Pools and Seeding’ page. Of course, if you need to move that pool to a different wave, you can click on the gear for that pool and change the wave as you see fit.

  • Users can also view this from the Manage Registration page - it will tell them when they are scheduled to play.

  • Spectators can also view this from events page.

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