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How can I delete/cancel my tournament?
How can I delete/cancel my tournament?
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Deleting a Tournament

Tournament pages can't technically be deleted, but they can be practically removed by unpublishing the page and removing yourself as an admin.

  1. To unpublish your tournament, go to the Settings of the tournament you want to delete → Click on Dashboard → Click Unpublish next to the Homepage section and set it to Admins Only. You can learn more on our Publishing article.

2. Remove Yourself As Administrator: Go to the Settings of the tournament you want to delete → Click on Admin Permissions → Hover over your name and delete yourself as an Administrator. You can learn more on our Admin Permissions article.

If this is a test tournament or a tournament that did not have any attendees, then this is all you'll need to do!

Cancelling a Tournament

If you are looking to cancel a tournament that has attendees signed up, we recommend taking the following steps:

1. Send a Mass Email to your attendees by:

  • Clicking Settings

  • Clicking Attendees

  • Clicking the gray Export button in the top-right corner

  • This will give you a spreadsheet of all of your attendees’ information, including a column for email addresses

  • From here, you can copy and paste the list into the BCC field in your email client. Using BCC (blind copy) is recommended so that recipients can't see each other's email addresses, and also prevents people from sending a response to everyone with "Reply All"!

2. Edit your event description to reflect that the event has been cancelled by:

  • Going to the Public side of your tournament

  • Clicking Home

  • Clicking Edit Page in the bottom-right corner

  • From here you can edit text, add images, and rearrange the layout of your homepage

3. If the tournament had an entry fee, issue refunds. You can do this through PayPal or Stripe, whichever payment option attendees used.

4. If you are cancelling your tournament, we strongly recommend that you do not unpublish it. With plans changing, it is important to keep a line of communication between you and your players. Your tournament page is a very important part of this communication, as it gives your players a point of contact.

If you have any further questions or concerns about deleting or cancelling your event, please reach out to

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