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The Overview tab on your Dashboard page allows you to decide which parts of your tournament will be visible to the public.

How do I change what is visible?

  1. Go to the Dashboard page of the tournament admin:

2. Click Publish to toggle publishing settings between visible and hidden

Publishing Options


This can be set to Public or Admins Only. Setting it to Public will make your tournament publicly visible.

You will not be able to make this public until you edit the details on your homepage.

After making this Public, you'll have two options:
Link Only, which makes it so only people with the link can view the tournament
Discoverable, which means your tournament will show in search results

Note: Since Tournament Pages are unable to be deleted permanently once they are created, the next best possible option is to unpublish them so that they are incapable of being searched for. The Admins Only option will allow admins to see the tournament page, but everyone else will get a 404 error when trying to access the page. You can set this up by clicking on Dashboard → click Unpublish next to the Homepage section → set visibility to Admins Only.


Controls visibility of events on the tournament home page.

  • If set to Admins Only, no events will be visible.

  • If set to Public, you can toggle the visibility of individual events.

In the Events section, you also have the ability to choose whether non-admins can see brackets & seeding, just seeding, or events only (no brackets and/or seeding).

You can choose to display pools entrants by seed or alphabetically.


Setting registration to Public will allow attendees to register for your tournament. When set to Admins Only, registration will be closed and the Register button will not appear on the tournament home page.

Even when set to Admins Only, attendees who have already registered for your tournament will be able to manage their registration.

**As a note, you must make the Details section public before you can make this section public.


When set to Public, this adds a searchable attendee list to your tournament page that can be sorted by event.

If you have any additional questions, please contact us at or by using the blue Intercom chat bubble.

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