Customizing your Tournament Homepage

How to use "widgets" to create a totally custom tournament homepage

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Editing the tournament homepage can now be done in this drawer in the bottom right. 

  • Note: This is only to customize the content on the homepage. Things like the tournament name, start time, and contact info still live in the "Details" page within the admin. 

*The support chat has moved into the "Help" button!!!*

  • Click on "Help" to access your support chat!

How do I start editing my homepage?

  1. Click on "Edit Page" to enable edit mode

  2. Click on "Edit Layout"

  • This will open the editing toaster which makes managing and editing the homepage easier

Homepage Configuration

Each section is where "widgets" live. This makes it easier to format the content on your tournament page. 

  • Pro Tip: group similar content together in the same section

1. Click on "Edit Section"

  • You can change the layout by selecting any of our layout defaults

  • The "Display" tab is where you can add a section title

  • You can edit widgets by clicking into them under the "widget" tab

  • Click on the "+" to add more widgets

  • Our current widget types are text (markdown), image, and video (more widgets coming soon!)

  • Make sure to click on "Apply" to apply any changes you make!

2. You can click and drag the widgets under the "Widget" tab to rearrange them

  • Pro tip: You can put multiple widgets in each column as well!

  • When dragging widgets over try to aim for above the "+" sign!

3. Rearrange your sections on the layout page by clicking and dragging

  • Pro tip: After you click and drag to a new position, hold it there for just a second to see it applied on the page.

  • You can also rearrange widgets within a section, or even drag them into a different section!

5. Click on "Preview" to see what your homepage will look like to general users

  • Pro Tip: Use the "undo" button to undo your most recent changes

6. When you're done with all your changes click on "Publish" to save everything and exit edit mode

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