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As a tournament admin, you can allow a range of permissions to other users.

How do I set admin permissions?

1. Go to the Admin Permissions page in your Settings

2. Click "Add Admin" and enter the user's gamertag, name, email, or discriminator.

โ€‹3. Click on "Select a Role" and enter the role you would like this user to have

There are four types of permissions:

  • Administrator - Full access to admin permissions, including settings, payment options, bracketing, and admin management. This is also the only permission level that has access to attendee exports.

  • Manager - Can add attendees, manage brackets, and report scores. No access to payment options, publishing, or permissions.

  • Bracket Managers - Can report as well as modify phases, seeding, brackets, waves, and stations. They cannot add attendees and do not have access to Permissions, Publishing, or Payments.

  • Reporters - Only have access to brackets, match dashboard, and printing. They do not have access to Permissions, Publishing, or Payments.

4. Click "Save" to send out and Admin Invitation to the user

5. The user will receive an email notifying them of the Admin Invitation. They can accept their admin role from the "Requests" section of their Notifications

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