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Once you’ve got some people registering for your event, you’re going to want to configure your event to be just the way you’d like. Start.gg’s bracket software allows you to make competition formats simple or complex - it’s all up to you.

Navigate to tournament settings, and then go to Events. You’ll see that each event card has an edit link, which is where the majority of event specific settings live.


This page shows you details about your event, such as number of entrants, the format and platforms, and other settings you configured when creating the event. If there is a setting here that you can’t change, reach out to your support chat to see if it can be changed for you.


For Offline (In-Person) events, you can apply/change a price by going towards the Registration tab, inputting your value, and clicking Save.

For Online (At-Home) events, the process is a bit different. Due to online gambling laws set with particular states, we are currently only allowing paid online events for a specific subset of users.

If you believe your online event qualifies for pricing, we recommend contacting our support team via support@start.gg or the blue IM button on the bottom right of the smash.gg homepage for possible approval!

Before asking a start.gg representative to apply a price to your Online event, make sure that all your events and settings have been pre-configured! The reason being once a price is applied, no changes can be made towards the Registration Settings or Events Settings pages.

In the event you would like to change settings/create additional events after a price has been applied, you must re-contact a start.gg representative so that the pricing can be removed on their side & you can finalize those changes!

Event Start Date

This appears wherever the event does. This lets attendees know when the event is going to happen if they don’t have specific set start times.

Number of Alternates

If you’re running a teams event, this is how many alternates are permitted per team. Alternates can check in if you have a player that didn’t show up at the last minute. Alternates can only be part of one team at a time. 

Hearthstone Options

  • Include Ban Step: Allows you to control the existence of the banning step before a match.

  • Deck Deadline Behavior: Allows you to control if an entrant without a submitted deck is removed by the deadline.

  • Publish Decks: Controls the ability for the public to see the decks of entrants.

Once players have submitted their decks (for either Hearthstone or any other card game) and you'd like to review their information, you can do so by:

  1. Going towards the Brackets page

  2. Make sure you are on the correct card game event in the Event Dropdown menu.

  3. Hover over the bracket match of the player whose deck you would like to view and click Edit Match.

  4. Go to the Deck tab on the popup window. On this page, you will see pictures/information regarding the decks submitted for your event.

Free-For-All Options

  • Self Reporting: Controls the ability for entrants to report their own scores after their games.

  • Elimination Round Settings: Controls the number of entrants per group, how many entrants from each group progress to the next round, and how many games are played in each group.


This is how you control how people can get into your events.

Registration Dates

These dates dictate when people can register for your event. Any dates here are overruled by any dates set from the Registration Settings page.

If registration is published and the registration deadline set on the Registration Settings page has not passed but people cannot register, try checking the registration end dates within the settings for each event to see if those are set to a date/time in the past.

Entrant Destination

If your event has multiple phases, this controls where those entrants are placed upon registering. This is set by default to the first phase created. Deleting this phase and recreating it will not automatically set it as the default. Change this after a particular registration deadline if you’re running death pools or an alternative format.

Registration caps

You can limit the number of entrants in your events. For teams events, you can limit by entrants or number of teams. Remember, a team is a team even if all the members of it haven’t accepted the invites. This will not be surfaced when looking at Attendees, but the Teams table will show this information.

Require Social Connections

You can require attendees to connect to you on a few different social media platforms. Currently, we support:

  • Twitch (Follow, Subscribe, Partner, Affiliate)

  • Discord (Join Server)

Checking the "Required" box will prevent registration for anyone who has not fulfilled the social connections you have set. You can also make them optional by unchecking that box!


This controls time-sensitive actions your participants need to take.

Event Check-In

Event Check-In is used to remove or disqualify players that didn’t show up to play in your event. This system can only be used for online head-to-head events. Read more about event check-in!

Team Registration Deadline (Teams Events Only)

This date is the last time that attendees can add or remove players and alternates for their teams. If this date is set after the event registration end date, you will only be able to pair with other registered players.

Rules & Prizing

Event rules markdown

The text here will appear to the public on the event pages. The rules displayed here should be specific to each event, such as the format.

Match Rules markdown

This text appears on the match modal. This is intended for rules specific to games and sets within your event, or instructions regarding sets or flow.


This section lets you configure and display how players will earn prizes for your event(s). Read more about prizing!

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