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Assigning individual matches to a station
Assigning individual matches to a station
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After creating stations and streams previously, you can quickly pair matches with stations. Doing so helps give visibility to who is playing where and how many stations might be used at a single time. 

  1. Go to the Brackets page of the admin under Reporting.

  2. Find the match you want to assign to a station and click on it.

  3. On the pop-up click Station (or Stream if assigning a stream setup):

  • Choose from the list of stations that appears. You must have created the station in advance for it to appear on the list.

You can also quickly assign a station or a stream via the quick-assign modal.

  • Hover over the set, click on the computer icon to the right.

  • Select a stream or station from the list there.

  • Stations already assigned to a match will be indicated by a red number next to that station.

To assign an entire pool to a station, see our example here.

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