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Teams Event Registration

How do I create a team in registration? How do I join a team? How do I accept a team invite? What if I don't have a teammate yet?

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The tournament registration flow allows you to create a new team, send out team invites, register with an existing team, or accept a pending team invite.

On a tournament page, click on Register (will only appear if registration is open). In the registration flow you can:

After registering, you can use your Manage Registration page to manage your team, send team invites, or edit your roster.

Accepting a Team Invite

If you've already been invited to a team, you can accept the invite once you've selected the team event. And don't forget to make sure you're logged into the account an invite was sent to!

  • You should receive an email when you have been sent an invite to join a team.

  • You will also receive a notification on for any pending team invites.

Creating a New Team in Registration

  1. Select Create new team.

  2. Enter a team name, if prompted.

  3. Invite teammates by searching for their gamertag or email.

This will create a new team profile and you can register for future events with this team.

Note: If the organizers allow it, you can register without inviting teammates. Do so by continuing registration without inviting players to your team. You can add them later via your Manage Registration page.

Register with an existing team

  1. Click Select your team.

  2. Select the pre-existing team you want from the Search Teams dropdown.

  3. Add or remove team members as needed.

Managing Your Team using Manage Registration

You can still manage your team on the Manage Registration page once you've registered for a teams event. Please refer to this URL template to find this page: (<tournament>/manage). This can also be found by clicking the Registration button in the bottom right corner on the tournament homepage.

Note: this will only manage your team for that tournament/event specifically. You can manage your overall team for future events on the team profile.

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