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Players entering in teams events on can now create Team Profiles, which makes registering your team across multiple tournaments even easier!

Where do I find the team profile?

You can navigate to the team profile by:

  1. Clicking on the Profile Icon on the bottom left of

  2. Clicking on your username to navigate to your Profile Page.

  3. Clicking on Teams in the left sidebar of your user profile.


  1. Clicking on the Profile Icon on the bottom left of

  2. Clicking on the Teams button that appears in the popup modal

note: Team profiles have their own unique discriminators just like user profiles do! Send them to your TO if they need to look up your team.

Creating a New Team

You can create a new team while registering your team for a tournament or by:

  1. Clicking your Profile Icon to navigate to your Profile Page

  2. Clicking on Teams in the left sidebar

  3. Clicking the New Team button

  4. Selecting the video game, choosing a team name, and searching for team members via gamertag or email invite

Once you have created a team, you can select that team during registration for any teams event for the specific game that your team plays!

Note: teams are locked to the game you select in creation here. It will also be locked based on the game you registered for if you created the team in registration. This means that they will only appear in registration for events of the same videogame.

Team Settings

Once your team has been created, you can add a Team Bio, Banner Image, Profile Icon, and more! All of this can be done through the Team Settings page.

To access this:

  1. Go to the Teams page on your user profile

  2. Click on the specific team you would like to edit

  3. Click on the Team Name in the top left corner to access Team Settings

Invite Teammates

From the Team Settings page, you can invite additional teammates either by adding them by gamertag, email, or discriminator (email or discriminator is preferred to make sure you are sending the invite to the correct person).

You can also send an invite to your teammates by sending out a direct URL that they can access. Simply click on Invite Member to generate this link!

  • When your teammate clicks on this link they are accepting the team invite and will appear in your team roster/team profile. This should function similarly to a Discord invite link!

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