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Answers to your frequently asked questions in regards to orders made on start.gg

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When Will I Receive My Order?

When your order is still in production, you can see the fulfillment date in your Orders & Shipping page. Typically, packages can be expected 2-3 weeks after each fulfillment date. If you haven’t received your tracking number by that time, reach out to Support. Once a tracking number is provided, please reach out to report any issues within 4 months. If you do not contact us within 4 months of your tracking number being provided, we will be unable to assist with your order or provide a replacement order or refund.

I Want to Cancel My Order or Change the Shipping Address

First check the status of your order on your Orders & Shipping page. If your order is still in ‘Order Received’ status, you can reach out to Support (support@start.gg) to request cancellation or a shipping address change. If your order has proceeded past this stage (pre-shipment, fulfilled, in transit), it is unable to be altered.

If your order has already shipped with an incorrect shipping address, you can attempt to contact the shipping provider to see if it can be redirected. If your order ends up returning to us, see “My Order Was Marked ‘Return to Sender’” for further instructions.

I Want to Add/Remove Items from My Order

Unfortunately, once an order is made you cannot individually add or remove and items from it. However, if your order is still in the ‘Order Received’ status, you may be able to cancel your order so that you can reorder with the correct items if the shop is still open. Contact Support (support@start.gg) with your request and your order number to see if your order can be cancelled.

My Tracking Says Delivered but My Order Has Not Arrived

When your tracking says “Delivered” but you have not received it, it often means the package was delivered to another party, such as a roommate, neighbor, or parent. Check to see if anyone else has received it, and if you live in an apartment, check the front desk or mail area.

If you are unable to locate it after double-checking these areas, we ask that you first contact the shipping provider (typically USPS) via their customer support for assistance and file a claim with them. If they are unable to help after your claim is filed, please contact us with your order number and shipping claim number. We ask that you contact us within 3 months of making the order so that we can assist you.

My Tracking Number is Stuck in Pre-Shipment

Sometimes it can take a few days for a tracking number to show any activity. If your tracking number is still not updated after 7 business days, reach out (support@start.gg) and we will investigate further.

My Order Was Marked “Return to Sender”

When the tracking number for your order is marked “Return to Sender”, contact our Support team (support@start.gg) for further instructions as soon as possible!

These packages are on their way back to us after trying to deliver to you. Once we hear from you, we can begin the process of trying to get your item shipped back to you. Should the package not return to us, we’ll ask if you’d like a full refund then, or if you’d rather our manufacturers produce a duplicate of your purchase.

My Order Arrived Incorrect or Damaged

If your item arrived damaged or you received a size or product that you did not order, contact us as soon as you receive this order. Take a photo of the item and send the picture along with your order number and a description of your issue to our Support team and we will assess the situation and, once reviewed, issue a replacement or a refund if a replacement is not possible.

I Would Like to Return or Exchange My Order

As was agreed upon when placing your order, all product sales on start.gg are final. We are not able to process any returns or exchanges currently.

I Won a Fantasy Prize, When Will I Receive it?

Once a Fantasy has been completely scored, if you are a winner you will receive an email with a link to a form to fill out your shipping and sizing information. After your information is submitted, Fantasy orders are fulfilled bi-weekly on a Monday. Shipments can be expected 2-3 weeks after the fulfillment date.

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