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How do I track my order?
How do I track my order?
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Wondering about the status of your order and where it may be? You can now track your orders in your Profile Settings. To access this, click on your profile image in the bottom-left corner of the web-page and click the Orders & Shipping button.

You will see the following information for each order you have placed:

Now that you are on this page, here are some things to be aware of to get a better feel of the interface:

  • Fulfilled by - tells you who is producing and shipping your order to you. Sometimes, it will be Sometimes it will be the tournament organizers or a third party vendor.

  • The support contact for the party fulfilling your order is listed here as well. Use this contact to change, refund, or check on your order.

  • Your order status is on the right (shipped, not shipped, partially shipped).

  • Most rewards are made to order and are fulfilled when the shop closes. This policy differs by tournament and is indicated on the checkout page.

Last thing to note! If you are wondering what each different Order Update means, make sure to look below for a better understanding:

  • Order Received: Order has been placed; has not begun fulfillment.

  • Pre-Shipment: Order is being processed for incoming fulfillment.

  • Fulfilled: Order is being manufactured by the fulfillment center.

  • In Transit: Order has been shipped! You should have received a tracking number via email as well.

  • Delivered: Order has been marked as delivered by the post office.

In the event you are having trouble finding out information about your order/there hasn't been an update in the proposed order-deliverance timeline given/you are having general product questions, feel free to contact us at so that we may assist you further in finding out where your order currently is and accommodate you appropriately!

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