Attendee Confirmation is a new process introduced to ensure data accuracy between organizers and players.

  1. When tournament admins add a player to their tournament, a request is automatically sent to that player to confirm their attendance.

  2. The player can then accept or reject that request.

  3. (The tournament admin can update the player to be the correct person if it was incorrect)

With this process, both tournament organizers and players are responsible for keeping their community's data accurate!

However, if you'd like to remove an attendee from a specific event after their request is approved, you may do so by:

  1. Clicking on the entrant on the Attendees page.

  2. On the popup window, look for the event you want to remove them from.

  3. Uncheck "Added" on the event you'd like to remove them from and click Save.

For further explanation of how Attendee Confirmation works, please read about:

For more info about the purpose of attendee confirmation, please check out our blog post!

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