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Running a "crew battle" event on
Running a "crew battle" event on

Information on what a crew battle is and how to run them.

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What is a Crew Battle?

In the platform fighter genre, a crew battle is where players form a team (a crew) of players, usually consisting of five or more players. Each crew will choose a player to play first, and the first two will play one game.

The losing player of the game is eliminated from the crew battle, and the losing crew sends a new player to replace them. At the beginning of the next game, the winning team’s player depletes his stock count to match their stock count at the end of the last game. This play continues until a crew has exhausted all of its players.

This same concept can generally be applied to traditional fighters as well, but each game has its own unique ruleset.

Is the Crews format supported on

Yes! Crews and other head-to-head cooperative formats are supported by creating a Teams event on the platform. Teams formats on the platform allow one to run:

  • Doubles (2v2)

  • Triples (3v3)

  • Quads (4v4)

  • And more! By adding players to a Team, they can compete as one unit, and are supported by most bracket types!

NOTE: At this time, Matchmaking cannot be used for Teams event.

How do I create and run a crews event?

Once your tournament is created, go to the Event Setup page. Create a new event, and on the second step, when you are presented with Event Select, choose Custom Format. Note that some games already have crews as an option to select! The resulting drop-down will allow you to choose Teams, and then, how many players will be on each team.

From there, you are presented with registration settings, which are handled the same way normally for Doubles. You create an event name and description, set an event cost, and then you can publish your event!


Number of Alternates: This is mostly used for online tournaments, but you can allow teams that register to designate alternates in case a certain member of the team does not show up in the allotted time.


Require Team Names: You can allow players to name their teams whatever they like! If this is turned off, the team name will default to a combination of the player's names, such as “furtive / leahboo / Zhu”.


NOTE: When Team Names are allowed, organizers will be forced to use the Team List page to add participants to teams - they will not be able to do so via the attendee modal.


Require Full Team: This will require a player registering for the event to either create a team and invite all of their teammates or accept an invitation to an existing team. This forces the player creating the team to pay the full registration price.

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