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Round robin reporting
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Round Robin reporting has more reporting options than bracket reporting does. We provide simpler flows to make it quicker to report.

  • Win / Loss Mode: By Switching Switch to Win / Loss mode and all you need to report is who won each set by clicking W or L. Switch to Win Loss Mode by clicking the radio buttons above the round Robin grid.

  • You can report by clicking on the set in the grid. The report modal will appear for you to report the score. Click here for more information on reporting.

Finalize placements 

  • Finalize Placements allows you to just enter the final standings in the round robin pool. To do this click the "Finalize Placements" button in the upper right hand corner to present a modal with the current standings. Use the arrows to move players up and down and then hit submit when you are done. You can continue to report the matches for the data, but regardless of those results the entrants progressing will remain the same. This can be used for custom tiebreakers

  • The default round robin tiebreaker goes by sets, games, and then head to head. If you wish to override those settings use the Finalize Placements flow described above

For more information on Round Robin and different bracket types, please check out this article on setting up your brackets.

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