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Warning - The Seed Generator is not meant for finalized seeding. Please use Pools and Seeding to make finite, final adjustments to seeding.

There is also currently no undo or reset option if the Seed Generator is run, so be cautious in the changes you execute via this tool.

The Seed Generator is a tool in your tournament settings that seeds players by skill tiers that you create. There is no requirement to use the Seed Generator, but some TOs find it to be a useful starting point. 

Follow these steps:

  1. Assign a relative skill to all the players in the seed generator. You can do this even before all your players have registered. A default relative skill will be assigned to a player if they are listed on a ranking.

  • Keep in mind the order of the seeds.  When you run the generator you can keep the top seeds as they appear in the list by choosing to preserve exact seed order for top X players. To change the order you can change their relative skill or use the arrows.

  • You don't need to assign a relative skill to all players.

  • Save your changes by clicking save in the top right corner.

2. Once you are done assigning relative skills to all the players and ordering them, save your changes and click the Run Generator button, which will appear after your changes are saved.

3. In the modal, input what phase you are seeding these players for, and optionally preserve exact seed order for top X players in the seed generator. If you don't provide a number it will treat the relative skills as tiers and seed using those.

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