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Via the Registration Settings page in the Settings of a tournament, a tournament organizer can customize attendee information, set up QR codes, and add an attendee agreement. All three of these sections will be applied to a player’s registration process when registering for a tournament.

Attendee Details Customization

To customize this information:

  1.  Click Settings

  2. Click Registration Settings

  3. Scroll down to the Attendee Details section. The information here is required attendee information during registration (Name, Phone Number, Age Limitations, and Location):

Limiting an Attendee by Age and by Country

An organizer can limit their tournament’s attendees by age or country. By clicking on the checkbox for both, you’re given the ability to state the age minimum you find appropriate for your event, as well as the country representation:

Adding Attendee Agreements

Attendee Agreements are completely optional terms and conditions that an organizer can set for their event. You can customize exactly the types of agreement (URL, File, or Custom) that all attendees must adhere to when completing their registration:

QR Codes

Under the Additional Features section, an organizer can enable or disable QR Codes in this section, and set up the proper destination URL, should you want a custom one:


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