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When enabled, attendees will automatically receive a generated QR code in their registration email or under Manage Registration. This QR code directly links to their registration management on start.gg or a website of your choice, providing a faster and easier event check-in process!

Enabling QR Codes

To enable QR codes, go to Registration Settings in your Settings, scroll down to the Additional Features section, and switch from Disabled to Enabled.

NOTE: You should enable QR code generation before opening registration. Enabling after attendees have registered will NOT generate QR codes for attendees who have already registered!

QRCode Redirect URL

By default, QR codes link back to a player's registration management on start.gg.

To redirect the QR code to a different page, enter a URL in the QRCode Redirect URL field. Be sure to include "{token}" in the URL as a placeholder for your attendee's user token, otherwise it will automatically be added to the end of the URL. This allows the QR code to link to a user specific page of your choice.

Mapping User Tokens

To find your attendees' user tokens and map them to additional attendee information:

  1. Click the Export button on the top right of the Attendees admin page

  2. Open the generated CSV file

  3. Find the user tokens from the "User Token" column

  4. Map the user token to additional attendee information found in the Attendee Export

  5. QR Codes will now link to your site's attendee specific page and information

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