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Why can’t anyone register for my tournament?
Why can’t anyone register for my tournament?
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We’ve listed below some common causes that lead to issues with tournament registration. If none of these solutions work, please contact us in your support chat or via!

1) There is no payment option set up

Make sure you have a payment option setup within the admin! This is the most common issue, and you’ll know this is the case if people can get to the last step of registration, but it doesn’t give them the option to complete or pay for registration.

If this is the case, their registration page will look like this:

To fix this, go to the Payment Setup tab of the Registration Settings page of your Settings and select a payment option. Please refer to this article for more information on the different payment methods and how to set them up.

2) Registration is hidden

If registration should be live but on the live page there is no blue “Register” button, one of the issues may be that registration is set to hidden in some way. There’s a few different ways this can happen.

Registration is not published

  • On the Dashboard page of your Settings, make sure that the Registration is Public.

Event or Venue registration is set to be hidden

  • On the “Registration Settings” page, click on "Edit" on the event to make sure that "Enable Public Event Registration" is checked.

3) Registration deadline dates

There’s a few fields in the admin that allow you to set different registration deadline dates. Make sure to double check this to see if it's correct!

Overall registration end date

Reg deadline within events/venue

Dates for multiple venue options do not overlap

  • Make sure to double check all the dates in your multiple venue options don’t have days in between them!

4) The event/venue cap has been reached

Some admin settings allow you to set a cap by event or an overall tournament cap. Make sure to check on these settings to see if you set something lower than expected!

  • Team Cap

  • Event Cap

  • Venue Pass Cap

  • Overall tournament cap

Please refer to this article on the different ways to set a registration cap on your tournament.


If an attendee comes to you with registration issues and everything above is set up correctly, double check with them that they are filling in all the required fields for registration.

Custom Registration Fields

  • In “Registration Settings” you may have set up a required custom registration field. Make sure the user is filling out this option!

Connect Fields

  • If you’re running an online tournament connect fields are required! Make sure they are filling this out.

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