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How to use Event Requests as a League Organizer
How to use Event Requests as a League Organizer

Learn how to approve/deny requests from events that want to join your league!

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Event requests are a feature that allow tournament organizers for certain events to request to be part of your league. As the league organizer, you can set different parameters (number of entrants, online or offline, a specific video game, etc.) and any event that meets those parameters will receive a notification that they are eligible to make a request to join the league.

If you are an organizer of a league that has event requests enabled, you can check submitted events within the league settings:

  1. From your league homepage, click Settings

  2. Click Requests in the left hand sidebar

  3. Using the buttons to the right of a submitted event, choose whether you’d like to Accept or Decline the request

On the Requests page, you can filter events by request status (pending/accepted/rejected), and search for events by name or location.

If you would like to have an accepted event removed from your league, if you run into any issues with event requests, or if you are interested in having event requests enabled for your league, please contact for assistance.

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