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Participating in Fantasy
Participating in Fantasy
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Fantasy is a fun extra feature that is enabled on some tournaments hosted on It allows you to draft a team of players and earn points based on the performance of those players in a specific event at the tournament. Some tournaments even provide prizing for the owners of Fantasy teams that score the most points!

If you'd like to make a team for a tournament that has this feature available, head to the Fantasy tab on that tournament page to get started!

1. Select Create Team or Create roster, both will bring you to the same page.

2. Enter your Team Name

3. Add the required amount of players to your roster that have equivalent value to your total budget (in this example, the budget is set to $1600 and you can add 3 players).

You can add a player by clicking Add next to their name on the list of players, and you can remove someone from your team by clicking Remove next to their name on the list of players or clicking the x next to their name on your roster,

4. Answer any available Bonus Questions. Correct answers to the bonus questions will result in extra points for your fantasy team! We have some default questions we usually use, but sometimes organizers will add in their own special questions.

You can also follow on Twitter for some bonus points!

5. Click Create Team to finalize your team and then you're good to go! Wait for the tournament to finish up to see how your team did and if you got the bonus questions right.

If you need to edit your team prior to the start of the event, you can do so by heading back to the Fantasy tab of the tournament, then clicking Edit Team.

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