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Reporting Scores in a Free-for-all Event
Reporting Scores in a Free-for-all Event
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If you're running a free-for-all event, reporting scores is a bit different than in a traditional double elimination, single elimination, round robin, or similar bracket format. There are three different ways to report your free-for-all scores:

Manual Reporting

If you choose to report scores manually, you’ll be prompted to enter data for the entrants in that group. To enter these scores:

  1. Click Settings

  2. Click Brackets

  3. Click Match Details on the set you wish to report scores for

  4. Click the Report tab

  5. Enter any required information (kills, placements, etc.) for each game. You can navigate between games by clicking the Game 1, Game 2, and Game 3 tabs, but clicking Save Results will automatically take you to the next game. Be sure to save after adding scores for each game!

  6. After making sure the standings look correct, head to the Finalize Match tab and click Finalize Placements. This will move entrants into their next set if there is another one to progress to.

You do not have to enter information for all entrants, but you will not be able to finalize the set unless there is a clear set of standings to progress the event.

All scores reported for any games without specified Free-for-all configurations will have the inputted score match up 1:1 with points.

As an added note, if you have more than one admin reporting scores for one set, they will need to take turns; entering and saving scores simultaneously from two different locations will overwrite the scores entered by one of the admins!

API Reporting

For some games, like PUBG, we offer the ability to report via the game’s API. This means nobody has to input scores - they are pulled directly from the game, ensuring accuracy and saving time for you and your entrants!

To use this functionality, click on Report via API. You will be presented with a list of games that matches the PUBG IDs of entrants within your group. Assuming those IDs are correct (these can be fixed by you on the Attendees table in your tournament settings or by the user via Manage Registration), the game with the highest match percentage should be the correct game. Click the link to attach this API data to the current game, and you’ll be prompted to report the next game or to finalize results for the set.

Self Reporting

When turned on, admins can allow players to report their own scores via the set dialogue and tasks. Players will enter their Placement and Kills, which will be aggregated for Admins on the results screen. If you notice a discrepancy between the actual results and the reported ones, you can edit them as well. Edited scores will appear with an asterisk, making it clear that the admin has altered them.

Editing or Resetting Results

If you input any scores incorrectly, you can edit the results!

  1. Make sure that you're in the Match Details for the correct set

  2. Click the Report tab

  3. Navigate to the game that has the incorrect score

  4. Click Edit Results

  5. Change the score however you need to, then click Save Results

You can also reset the entire set:

  1. Make sure that you're in the Match Details for the correct set

  2. Click the Summary tab

  3. Click More

  4. Click Reset Set

  5. Confirm the reset by clicking Yes, reset match

Confirm the reset, and you're good to go! Be sure to refresh the page to clear any previously reported scores.

You can learn more about running free-for-all events on here.

If you have any additional questions, please contact us at or by using the blue Intercom chat bubble!

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