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How to play in a ladder event
How to play in a ladder event
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Ladders are a live matchmaking experience that allow you to continuously queue against new opponents, similar to how open matchmaking commonly works for online games. If you've signed up for a ladder event, read on to find out how to join and play your matches!

1. When the tournament starts, head to the ladder page and click Find a Match

2. Wait to get matched up with another player

3. Check in for your match so that the system knows you're ready. Make sure your opponent checks in too!

4. Follow any on-screen instructions from the tournament organizers.

5. Once you've finished your match, report your results to the tournament organizer (or self report if it's online tournament).

6. Now you're free to queue again!

As you win/lose matches, you'll move up and down the ranks!

If you have any additional questions about playing ladder events on, please send an email to!

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