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When should I contact tournament organizers for help?
When should I contact tournament organizers for help?

A guide for situations when you'll need to contact the organizers of the tournament, instead of support.

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In most cases, if you find yourself stuck while using, our support team can help! We can provide assistance with using the website, settings, bugs, feature suggestions, and more.

However, there are certain instances where you'll need to reach out to the tournament organizers for help, since the solution will rely on input or action from them. While is a platform that many tournaments are hosted on, we are not the organizers of these tournaments.

Here are some examples of situations when you'll need to reach out to the organizers:

Late Registration

While many tournaments have hard deadlines for registration, occasionally the organizers can extend the deadline or add you in late if you ask.

Since there could be specific reasons as to why a hard deadline was set, late registration is at the discretion of the organizers and we will not be able to add you to a tournament or event once the registration deadline has passed. We recommend contacting the tournament admins to see if they'd be willing to make an exception.


Currently, it's not possible to unregister yourself from a tournament. If you've signed up for a tournament that you can no longer attend and you wish to be removed, you'll want to contact the organizers so they can remove you on their end.

Venue Fee/Entry Fee Refunds

If you signed up for a paid tournament and can no longer attend, you'll need to reach out to the organizer for a refund, since all fees paid by attendees go directly to them.

Additionally, some tournaments do have a no-refund policy. You are welcome to reach out to them to see if they'd be willing to make an exception depending on the circumstance, but keep in mind that an exception is not guaranteed. If the organizers end up deciding not to issue a refund, we are not able to make them issue one or issue one for them.


If you won a tournament that advertised a prize for the winners, and you're wondering when you will receive your prize, you'll want to reach out to the tournament organizers as they are the ones who distribute prizing.

That being said, if a prize was advertised and the organizer is not answering you when you ask about your prize or they've promised to send it to you and you never received it, please email so we can look into this further.


While rules are often consistent across multiple tournaments for the same game, there could sometimes be a few differences or changes. If there are no rules listed and you have a question about what is/is not allowed, or if you have a question, comment, or concern about the rules a tournament has listed, you'll want to get in touch with the organizers for clarification as they are the ones who determine the rules that will be used.

Publishing Brackets and/or Seeding

If a tournament has their brackets/seeding hidden and you're wondering when they will be published so you can view them, you'll want to ask the organizers to see if they can provide an ETA. This setting is controlled by the organizers so it's up to them when everything will be published.

Other topics/questions unrelated to

This is a fairly broad category, but can cover things like:

  • Does the venue allow outside food?

  • Where in your Discord server can I send my score verification screenshot?

  • Can my match be streamed?

  • etc.

Occasionally, organizers will include details or an FAQ on their tournament page to answer common questions, but if you can't find the info you're looking for and it's something outside the scope of, we recommend contacting the organizers.

How do I contact the organizers?

If you need to get in touch with the tournament organizers, their contact info can usually be found on the tournament's home page, under "Contact Info".

If you have any additional questions, please contact us at

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