Guardian Consent Forms
Guardian Consent forms for those who need to regain access to their accounts.
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We recently made changes to how we verify guardian consent for accounts of minors in certain locations (specifically for those located in EU and South Korea) which in turn led to suspended access to certain accounts.

If your account was suspended, then we require that your guardian sign a guardian consent form (linked below) in order to regain normal access to your account. Fill it out and email it to (fastest resolution) or mail it to the address listed on the form.

If you are sending it by email, you can fill it out and sign directly on the pdf or print it out and send us a picture/scanned image. As long as the information and signature are clear and readable! Also please make sure to include the email of the suspended account in your message along with the picture/scanned image.

We have provided consent forms in different languages for your convenience. If you have any trouble completing this process or would like to request a form in a different language please let us know (

Consent forms:

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