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Block Players From Entering Your Tournaments
Block Players From Entering Your Tournaments

Create a list of players you want to block or ban from entering your tournaments.

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Tournament Organizers (TO’s) can create a blocklist of accounts that will prevent those users from registering for their tournament.

TOs can access this feature via:

  • Registration Settings tab in the admin settings

  • Attendees tab in the admin settings

How to Block Users

  1. Click Block Players

  2. Search for users via their gamertag or discriminator*

  3. Optional: leave an internal note to yourself on why this person was blocked

  4. Optional: leave a message for the user that will appear when they attempt to register

  5. Click Save

*NOTE: Discriminators are short codes to identify each user and are unique for each account. They can be found on past attendee exports and on user profiles.

How to block multiple users at once

  1. Click Block Players

  2. Click Looking to block multiple users?

  3. Create a list in the box, each person you want to block on a new line.

  4. Be sure to use their gamertag or discriminator (discriminator is the best way to find the account accurately)

  5. Click Continue

  6. Verify that the correct accounts have been linked

  7. If not, click Not who you were looking for? Then search for the correct user via gamertag or discriminator (discriminator recommended).

8. Click Save

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