Checking In

Once the tournament begins, you can check in for your match by:

  1. Navigating to the tournament's home page

  2. Clicking the View Match button next to the event, listed in the Your Events section

  3. From here, you can click the green Check-In button, then wait for your opponent to check in! 

Creating/Joining the Game

Once you and your opponent are both checked in, it's time to set up the Battle Lounge!

If you are the higher seeded player, you'll be prompted to create the lounge.

You can do this by:

  1. Logging into your Street Fighter V account on PSN or Steam

  2. Going to Battle Lounge and selecting the Create a Lounge option

  3. Creating a lounge that has the correct rules for the tournament you're participating in (consult the Rules section of the tournament or check with the admins/organizers for more info on the lounge settings you should use)

  4. Selecting Sub Menu, Invite, and then Enter Fighter's ID

  5. Entering your opponent's CFN Fighter ID (which you'll be able to see in your match window) and click Done

  6. When asked if you're sure you want to invite that player to your lounge, click Yes

  7. Come back to and click Done when the lounge is created.

If you are the lower seeded player, you'll be prompted to join the lounge. Here's how:

  1. Logging into your Street Fighter V account on PSN or Steam

  2. Going to Battle Lounge and selecingt the View Invitations option

  3. You should see your opponent's invitation here. Accept the invite and you can start to play!

  4. Come back to and click Done after you've accepted the invite.

Fighter Selection

Now that you've joined the lounge, the next step is to pick your fighter.

You can do this by:

  1. Clicking the box that looks like a question mark to bring up the list of fighters

  2. Selecting your fighter from the list, then waiting for your opponent to do the same.

Reporting Scores

When the match is finished, you and your opponent will be both be prompted to report the score.

If there's any issues, you can always switch to the Chat tab and Request a moderator if you believe your opponent is reporting scores incorrectly or if you run into any other problems.

After you've reported scores, you can start the next match. Continue following the instructions until the set is complete!

Verifying Match Results

After completing the set and reporting scores, you'll be asked to verify the match results. This is where you confirm that the reported score is accurate. Click Confirm to verify the results.

Joining Your Next Match

Once you've verified the results, you can click Back to bracket in the top-left corner to see where you currently are in the bracket.

When your next match is ready, click on it to check in and get started!

Repeat until you're knocked out or win the tournament 🏆 

For more information on how to play in online tournaments on, check out this article. If you have any questions about online tournaments or anything else, contact us at

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