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Free-for-all Entrant Management
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Once you’ve started your Free-for-all event, you may want to adjust some players at the last minute. Our platform has several options for last minute bracket entrant management.

Adding Attendees after a Bracket has started

Once the event has begun, any attendees added will become “ghost entrants”. They will be registered for the event, but will not be assigned a group to play in. This is also true for any Teams added to the event after the bracket has started.

Adding  / Removing entrants to a specific group

Once you’ve added the desired player to the event, you can add them to a specific group. This is done by opening the match details of the desired group, and on the summary tab, clicking on add player. You can search all entrants / teams that are in the event and click Add.

If you want to remove a specific entrant from a group, the summary tab is again used. This time, check the box to the left of the desired player, and near the top, click remove player. This player will still be registered for the event, but will no longer be in a group and will not be able to play; they will be a ghost entrant.

Swapping Entrants

If you have two entrants that you’d like to be in different groups, you can use the swap function. Navigate to the summary tab of one of the groups you’d like to adjust. Check the box next to the desired entrant, and click Swap Player. The resulting screen will show entrants in other groups, which you can select or search for. Confirm swap will finalize it, moving the entrants. You can also swap in entrants that are registered but not in any group.

Example: Adding a late player and swapping them into a group

  1. Click Start Bracket.

  2. Add the desired attendee to the event.

  3. Locate the group where you would like to swap the new player in.

  4. On the Summary tab, click the checkbox next to the player you want to swap out.

  5. Click Swap Player.

  6. Select the newly added player, and click confirm.

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