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We've updated the colors we use for matches across the site

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You may have noticed certain colors on that appear on matches. They are most apparent on the Match Dashboard but are also seen on Bracket Pages, Event Pages, the Player Dashboard, and other locations around the site.

To access the Match Dashboard:

  1. Click on Settings to access the Tournament Settings panel.

  2. Scroll down until you see Match Dashboard. Click to access its page.

For a deeper explanation of the colors we've chosen, read below.

When looking at Tournaments, Events, and Matches we recognized that there are three main states to represent: upcoming, in-progress, and finished. Of those three states, the two that require more immediate attention are upcoming and in-progress, so we wanted to grant those ones more visual weight to be able to draw your attention to them better. Based on that, the general rules we've established are:

Blue: Used to represent things that are upcoming

Green: Used to represent something in progress

Grey: Used to represent something completed

Red: Used to represent something that requires immediate attention (such as a moderator request), or errors

Yellow: Used to represent something that requires attention, but not as harsh or immediate as red (such as when a match has been called)

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