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Markdown is a a markup language that allows to you to control how your text looks. It is easy to read and understand by most people, and works similarly regardless of browser or platform, while still keeping pages lightweight.

Here we'll talk about all the different ways you can style text on These rules only apply in boxes where you see the markdown symbol in the bottom right.

We're only covering the absolute basics here. If you're looking to dig even deeper into how you can customize your pages, check out the CommonMark Spec.


To create headings for your paragraphs and sections, you can add hash signs before the line to signify the level of importance the line should have.

# This is the highest level of the text.
## This is the second highest level of the text.
### Each hash mark creates a new level of text for headers.
#### These are useful for subsections for large chunks of information.
##### There are six different headers you can use for text.
###### This is sixth section!

Styling Text

You can apply bold, italics, quotes, and strike-through to your text. They can also be used in combination to allow for multiple styles at once. These styles will be ignored if applied to headers.

**This text is bold.**

*This text is in italics.* _This text is also in italics._

~~This text has a strike-through applied.~~

~~**What if something is really important gets crossed out?**~~

_**It's pretty easy to ~~apply~~ multiple styles.**_

Quoting Text

Using a greater-than symbol before a line will turn it into a quote. Using multiples of this symbol will nest the quotes further down.

> I body him.

>> There's gonna come a point where you'll forget about what happened and you're gonna wanna come back at me.

>>> Don't get hit

>>>> SERIOUSLY, don't get hit.

>>>>> These keep nesting at 20. I stopped checking after that point.


When including or quoting code (good for discount codes, lobby codes, or other character specific information), there are two different options.

For inserting a block of codes, you'll need to place three grave characters before and after the desired block. For code in between normal text, just use one on each side.


The lobby code is `weloveesports`! 


In order to insert an image, use the following syntax:

![Name of image](direct link to image)

Here's an example with the Canada Cup logo!

![Canada Cup 2018 Logo](


If you want text or an image to hyperlink, you'll need to encase the text between brackets, and the intended link directly after, in parentheses.

[This text goes to the startgg homepage!](

You can also make images into links! This is useful when you need to link larger versions of displayed images.

<a href="Intended hyperlink">![Name of image](direct link to image)</a>

Lists and Bullets

To make a list, simply add an asterisk before each line item! For numbered lists, you can precede text with numbers instead. To nest your lists, put four spaces at the beginning of each new line of the list.

### shopping list pt 1

* allen wrenches
* gerbil feeders
* toilet seats
* electric heaters
* Trash compactors
* juice extractor
* shower rods and water meters
### shopping list pt 2

1. Walkie-talkies
- copper wires safety goggles
- radial tires
### shopping list pt 3
* Picture hangers
* paper cutters
* waffle irons

Aligning Text

By default, all text in Markdown fields are aligned to the left. You can also align to the right, or center the content by wrapping the text in div tags. The below code shows both implementations.

<div align="center">The derogatory term “scrub” means several different things. One definition is someone (especially a game player) who is not good at something (especially a game). By this definition, we all start out as scrubs, and there is certainly no shame in that. I mean the term differently, though. A scrub is a player who is handicapped by self-imposed rules that the game knows nothing about. A scrub does not play to win.</div>

<div align="right">Now, everyone begins as a poor player—it takes time to learn a game to get to a point where you know what you’re doing. There is the mistaken notion, though, that by merely continuing to play or “learn” the game, one can become a top player. In reality, the “scrub” has many more mental obstacles to overcome than anything actually going on during the game. The scrub has lost the game even before it starts. He’s lost the game even before deciding which game to play. His problem? He does not play to win.</div>

Tips and Tricks

  • Be concise. Short and sweet is usually the best way to convey information.

  • Use images and color when possible!

  • Keep your content up to date! Users should always be able to go to your page to get relevant and accurate information.

  • In the event something doesn't look the way you expect it to, be sure to check for inconsistencies in your markdown!

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