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Setting event and game limits
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Add event or game limits on the Registration Settings page under Additional Options.

  • Event limit: This will set the total number of events that attendees can enter. There is a Min Events limit option which designates the minimum number of events an attendee must enter, and there is a Max Events limit option which designates the maximum number of events an attendee can enter. 

  • Game Limit: This will set the number of games that attendees can enter. For example, if your tournament includes Melee singles and doubles as well as Smash Ultimate singles and doubles, a game limit of 1 will allow attendees to enter either Melee events or Smash Ultimate events, but not both.

Note: Not to confuse Events with Games, an Event would be the style tournament your players will be competing in. (For example: Smash 4 Singles, Melee Doubles, Tekken 1v1's, etc.)

Games, on the other hand. will be what your competitors are playing (For Example: Smash Ultimate, Melee, Tekken, etc.) 

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