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Running an amateur bracket
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We support both automatic and manual progressions out of pools into an amateur bracket.

Automatic Progressions

You may have multiple automatic progressions coming out of a single pools phase. For example, top 2 from each pool advance to the pro bracket and 3rd and 4th advance to an amateur bracket. Multiple progressions will look like this on the Bracket Setup:

You can also have progressions from multiple phases into multiple other phases, like in a waterfall bracket. Here's how that might look:

If you're interested in automatic progressions, this is currently something that needs to be set up on our end. If you would like automatic amateur bracket progressions added to your tournament please contact, or contact using the Intercom chat bubble.

In order for us to set up the progressions, here is what we'll need from you:

  • Let us know when the event will begin, since we generally require a bit of advance notice

  • Who should progress into which phase?

  • The phase(s) for your amateur or waterfall bracket should already be added on the Bracket Setup page

It's also important to keep in mind that:

  • We only support placement based progressions (for example, 4th and 5th place go to the Intermediate bracket, 7th place and below goes to the Amateur bracket, etc.). We do not support progressions like "bottom 8 players" or "anyone who went 1-2".

  • All placements must be accounted for. For example, if 9th place and below are going into an amateur bracket, you'll also need to create a separate phase for the Top 8 players to progress into.

  • Once we've set up the progressions, if you need to make changes of any kind to the progressions or number of pools, you will need to reach out to us to do so; otherwise you will break the progressions.

Manual Progressions

There are two ways to manually enter players into the amateur bracket phase:

Edit the direct entrants (best for a small number of players)

  • Find the Amateur Brackets phase on the Bracket Setup page and click on Entrants.

  • Click Add entrant group

  • A group called "Direct Entrants" will be created.  Click Edit and select the players to be added to the phase

Import attendees using the Bulk Add tool (best for more players)

  • Export the results of the initial phase where players are advancing from.  To do this there is an export button above each phase on the Bracket Setup page:  

  • On the csv file, sort by pool placement and copy the short gamertag column for those players you want to place in the amateur bracket.

  • Paste this list into the Bulk Add tool and on step 3 add them to the amateur bracket phase (make sure to use the short gamertags that don't include prefixes):

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