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Compendium social media marketing
Compendium social media marketing

Tips on making your compendium as successful as possible through social media marketing.

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The success of your compendium rests on how well you market it. The number and quality of your posts will drive sales!

At launch, you should have announcement posts across social media (Twitter, Reddit post, Facebook event post).
Ideally, you will want to announce with a trailer and/or on stream.
You should plan on posting regular updates to social media. This includes:

  • Goals clearing

  • Goals or rewards being added

  • The status of goals (i.e: "90% cleared, almost there!")

  • Rewards that are close to selling out

  • Highlighting individual rewards

  • Highlighting featured artists

  • Posts about the tournament in general, such as registration numbers or deadlines, which will help maintain visibility

Players that are listed as goals for the compendium should be reaching out to their fan base on social media to drive interest.
Your social media posts should include images, a call to action, and a link to the compendium.
Over the last few weeks of your compendium, as it comes to a close, you should be posting daily to social media to help drive as many sales as possible.

We've found that posts or tweets focusing on the goals and their status are the most successful. Here are some good examples:

Announcements that are more important or have more details can be done on Reddit. Genesis has done a great job of using Reddit to increase visibility:

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