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Reward Shops

How to set up a reward shop or donation drive on

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Reward shops allow TOs to raise funds for reward goals to enhance their tournament’s experience. Common goals include flying out top players or talent, increased prize pools, overnight venues, and more.

We have a new and easy way to make a shop for any size event! You provide the logo, we set the shop up on your event page, manufacture the products, ship them out to your customers, and send the revenue to you. All you need to do is fill out this form!

If you're interested in a bigger shop for a large-scale event, you can submit this form instead, and make sure to read on to know more about how they work!

Reward goals are met by putting a percentage of a purchase towards a goal. Common shop items include:

  • Apparel (t-shirts, zip-hoodies, tank tops, etc)

  • Signed merchandise (controllers, posters, apparel, etc)

  • Experiences (Streamed set with a top player, etc)

  • … and more. Ask us about other products you have in mind!

Our shops offer a variety of formats and features:

  • Products (contributor badge, tournament apparel) in registration to promote early registration and purchases

  • Direct contribution

  • Orders for venue pick-up

  • Complete shop, including fulfillment

  • Player voting from shop purchases

  • Unique ideas you have for your tournament!


Direct Contribution Shops

Direct Contribution Shops are our solution for tournament organizers who are seeking a less involved fundraising option. 

Adding a tip jar or contribute directly button to your event is a simple and quick way to build in funding options for your goals, and is a great option for charitable events and organizations.

If you’re interested in adding a tip jar to your event, make sure that you’ve first connected a PayPal or Stripe account to your tournament. Then, fill out our Small Shop Request Form.


Merch Shop directly handles production and fulfillment of many popular products, including custom apparel and posters, at competitive prices for your attendees. We can also handle fulfillment of third-party physical and digital goods for a 5% hosting fee. On top of fulfillment, we’re here to help with all other aspects of shop planning, including pricing, social media, and more.


Request a Shop For Your Event!

If you’re interested in having a reward shop for your event, please apply via our Shops Request Form (if you are new to shops or are a smaller tournament, please fill out this request form instead). Once you fill out the form, our ecommerce team will contact you and if desired, can book a short call to discuss your goals, products, and shop strategy.

Each shop is created by a member of our ecommerce team, and they are approved on a case-by-case basis! There a few requirements you’ll need to meet before we’ll be able to consider your request. Shop requests must be submitted at least 1.5 weeks prior to your target shop launch date.

Shop Requirements

  • Your event should already be submitted and approved.

  • The Tournament Details section of your event should be fully-fleshed out-- this means having as much confirmed information about players, events, sponsors, organizations, times, locations, prizes and other pertinent info as possible.

  • Your shop request form should be submitted at least 1.5 weeks prior to your target launch date.

  • Typically, shops will only be considered for events with a minimum of 100 expected attendees or with 3,000+ expected online viewers. If your event is expecting less than this amount of attendees, please elaborate on why you believe a shop should be considered in the, “What are you trying to accomplish with a shop on" section of the request form.

Content Policies and Guidelines

When submitting products and goals for your Rewards or Donation Shop, please keep in mind our content policies.

Shop content has strict family-friendly guidelines. If your shop features content that is too explicit for a PG movie, explicitly targets groups or individuals, endorses harm through substances or violence, or is found to be theft of intellectual property, can decline adding that content to your shop.

This applies to products, goals, custom player tags, and descriptions for these items. If a player mentioned in your compendium has a tag featuring sensitive content, the tag will need to be modified.

OK Content Guidelines

  • Family-friendly content-- anything that should be OK in a PG-rated movie.

  • Content containing imagery of alcoholic beverages, but not endorsing the use of them or their effects.

  • Content negative towards neutral actions or wholesome concepts.

  • Original artwork inspired by existing properties that is transformative in nature as a parody or builds upon the existing work.

NOT OK Content Guidelines

  • Content glamorizing or otherwise promoting the effects of adult or illegal substances.

  • Profanity or content of a sexual nature, including content that alludes to profanity/sexual references without outright stating or depicting it.

  • Content representing extreme violence or suggestive of suicide.

  • Works directly copied from entities or artists who have not granted permission for their works to be used. 

  • Original artwork inspired by existing properties that is not transformative/parody.

  • Content negative towards or attacking individual players or groups.

  • Unexplained inside jokes; when creating your shop with our ecommerce team, you should be able to comfortably explain any jokes or references.

  • Overtly politicized or religious content.

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