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Setting progressions between phases
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Phase progression is a crucial aspect of larger tournaments. Setting up different phases of an event and the progressions between them requires a bit of planning, but ultimately organizes your tournament cleanly.
Once you have created each phase of an event (i.e. pools, Top 64) you need to set how entrants progress from one phase to the next.

Standard Phase Progressions

  • By default, each event starts with one phase and entrants are automatically added to that phase as they register for the event.

  • In order to set up progressions, an event needs at least 2 different phases - one for entrants to start in, and one for entrants to progress to.

  • To set the progressions into the next phase, click on Progressions, choose the Number Progressing per pool, and select the next phase from the Destination Phase drop-down.

Once your progressions are set, the two phases should look similar to this, with the initial phase indicating how many total entrants are progressing to which phase, and in what part of the bracket:

Secondary phase entrants

The entrants progressing from the first phase will show up as the second phase's entrants:

Here you can see each group progressing from the first phase and where they will start in the second phase:

Manual Phase Entrant editing

With different phases comes different complexities. Using the entrant editing feature, you can adjust manually who in your event you'd like in which phase.

  • To manually select which entrants will enter the initial phase, click edit next to the Direct entrants group and choose the entrants:

  • If you'd like to have one group of entrants start on the winners bracket and another group start on the losers bracket, click Add entrant group, edit, and select the entrants for the losers group. Select winners or losers from the drop-down or use the arrows to reorder the groups. It should look like this:

  • Use the arrows to reorder the seeding of the groups or the drop-down to choose between winners and losers side of the brackets.

  • Move all groups to winners side to "reset" the bracket for this phase.

  • To add entrants directly to the second phase (if they were seeded out of the first phase, for example) click Add entrant group, and again select from the list.

  • Choose to keep or avoid previous matchups. Keeping previous matchups will continue the bracket from the previous phase, while avoiding previous matchups will reseed the bracket for this phase.

Take a look at our bracket configuration examples for more help.

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