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Online Match Moderation
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The easiest way to moderate your event is from the Match Dashboard, where you can monitor all of the matches and moderator requests.

  • Moderator requests are indicated with a red message and are filtered to the top of the dashboard.

  • Matches are color coded by their status (not started, called, in progress, complete)

  • Filter by moderation state, match status, phase, or wave

  • Search for a player or team

  • Broadcast a message to selected sets

Moderating a set

Moderate or report any set by clicking on it. The pop up for each match includes the Report, Chat, and Moderate tabs.

Chat Tab

Communicate with the players in the Chat tab. Once you've resolved the dispute, mark it as resolved to clear the moderator called alert.

Moderate Tab

The Moderate tab is exactly what the players are seeing as "tasks" and you can switch between each player's view to see which step they are on. As the admin, you can also check-in, report and verify scores for the players as needed.

Report Tab

The Report tab should be used for stream matches, or when the match needs to be reset. Otherwise, make changes to the players' tasks on the tasks tab. The report tab is where you can manually start the match (regardless of the start time), edit the start time for that specific match, restart it, assign it to the stream, mark it as called, and input the results.

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