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How do I find or play matches on
How do I find or play matches on
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Matches on, whether offline or online, are located on the Manage Registration page. Once you've registered for a tournament, you can do the following:

  • View or play (online) your upcoming matches. For more information, check out How to Play Online Tournaments on

  • View your bracket information, including bracket links, scheduled times, and more.

  • Manage your registration: update attendee information (name, prefix, location), register for additional events, and manage your team.

Accessing Manage Registration

  1. Go to the tournament page you've registered for.

  1. Click the blue Registration button in the bottom right corner of the tournament page (this button will only appear once you've registered for a tournament).

As a bonus, matches are now displayed on the homepage of the tournament page once you have registered for an event and the TO has made the brackets and seeding visible!

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